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Why My Story Will Shock You... And How After What Seemed To Be An Endless 4 Months of Suspicion, I Eventually Found Out The Truth Within Days.

If you're thinking about using Private Investigators, Spying, Computer logging or any other product to find out whether your spouse is cheating on you, I'm extremely relieved that you've found this page because not only will my story shock you, it'll almost certainly save your health, your money as well as a lot of time and heart ache.

And, who knows, the information I'm going to show you today might even save your marriage!

My name is Sheila Sugova and, like so many people who believe they are in a strong and lasting relationship, I originally had no idea that my husband was having an affair.

I never used to have issue with my husband at all. However, in January 2008, after having what I thought was a perfect relationship for so many years, I began a new job. Even though this was fantastic and I was having a great time, the problem was my whole lifestyle was altered. My diet changed, I was sleeping less and because of the work load my marriage became quite stressful.

The Inevitable Started To Happen.

My relationship with my husband slowly started to worsen and probably due to lack of exercise and the poor quality of the food I was eating, within 8 weeks I had gained 10 lbs in weight and things didn't get any better from there.

After a few months the work eased off slightly and I actually did have the chance to start swimming and made a big effort to get myself healthy again - which I hoped would make me less tired, give more time to my relationship with my husband and improve our sex life which had fallen to absolute zero. However, after hoping for the best for a number of weeks, it became obvious that my efforts alone were not going to work.

And that was the point when I realized that my husband wasn't acting as normal, and I had to find out why...

I Tried Spying & Failed.

Everyone thinks of the classic signs that their partner is having an affair - lipstick on the collar, remnants of perfume on clothing, unusual credit card receipts, mysterious phone calls and texts.

I tried checking for all of these but, either my husband was too clever at disgusing all these clues or he wasn't actually seeing anyone else after all!

However, after a few weeks, things began to go downhill fast. One of the major issues was that we hadn't had sex in months. Normally our sex life was good, my husband had always been romantic and funny and we had been very close, physically. Even after years of marriage we would frequently smooch and cuddle and often this would lead to intense, erotic play.

But now all we did was argue all the time, which ended up with me crying alone in the bedroom while he stomped off to his den.

He just wasn't interested in me any more and I began to suspect the worst.

Then I Tried Private Investigators But Was Forced To Give Them Up.

Because of the demands of my job I didn't have time to follow my husband during the day, or find out what he was up to when he wasn't with me. 

The most worrying thing of all was that I got a warning from one of my friends that she'd seen my husband with a woman she didn't recognize. This was in a fancy restaurant where her boyfriend had taken her. And, this was on an evening when he said he'd been to a business meeting!

More and more often he made excuses not to come home - working late, business meetings, there seemed to be an endless flow of plausible reasons why he wasn't home with me.

So I decided to hire a Private Investigator to find out where my husband really was going. Except that, when the reports came back, it appeared that either he was doing what he said or he'd been able to give the PI the slip.

After a week of having a PI spy on my husband (it cost me a month's wages!) I soon realized that if I was actually going to find out what my husband really was doing, this just wasn't going to work., unless I wanted to go broke of course!

Eventually, I found a system that proved, once and for all, that my husband was having an affair!


Having spent so much time, money and energy desperately trying to find clues to my husband's cheating all I had was a big bill from the Private Investigators. However, a friend then told me about the How To Catch Your Cheating Lover report.

I had never heard of it before and because of my recent experiences, you can guess that I was initially a little dubious. But after reading some extremely complimentary reviews and learning that the cost was minimal compared to everything else I tried, I decided to give it a shot.

Within just a few days of receiving the information in the 'How To Catch Your Cheating Lover' report I discovered the truth. Yes, it hurt, but I was, in a way, relieved that I'd finally confirmed what I'd always expected, that my husband was having an affair - with his secretary.

But it did mean that I was able to confront my husband with the truth. And, thanks to the evidence I'd amassed using the techniques I found in 'How To Catch Your Cheating Lover', there was no way he could wriggle out of it!

Here's why I recommend 'How To Catch Your Cheating Lover'.

If you have doubts about your spouse, lover or partner, even if you just suspect they are not telling the truth, then the techniques provided by 'How To Catch Your Cheating Lover' will quickly confirm, or put the lie to, your suspicions.

If you're like me I am sure you would rather know the truth rather than spending weeks worrying about what your spouse, lover or partner is really up to. Anyway, I hope you've found this information useful whatever your situation because if I had known about 'How To Catch Your Cheating Lover' once my suspicions were aroused, I would have saved a lot of worry and heartache without wasting my time and money on hiring Private Investigators and other things. I really hope your suspicions are unfounded but, just in case, there's always How To Catch Your Cheating Lover! Sincerely, Sheila Sugova.

P.S. If you want to know what happened after I caught my husband out then I reveal all here.


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